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LogoWhat is a Social Media Strategist?  Whether you are a key marketing decision maker for a large fortune 500 corporation or small to medium size business, marketers are consistently seeking to create marketing efficiencies that leverage social media to gain a competitive advantage on our competition and increase revenue.

We are all searching for the mysterious treasure called growth, yet few have developed a strategy that creates marketing efficiencies that shine through to the bottom line. The secret is having a strategy and plan that is a consistent flow of content, context and strategic engagement that allows your brand to stand out.

As Dorie Clark wrote in her recent book, “Stand Out,” building a strong community is very important and can empower marketing professionals and create new ideas. Become a strategic connector, strategically connecting people that can create efficiencies and add value to your organization or clients.

 Mari Smith wrote: “Content is king, but engagement is queen and she rules the house.”

As we evaluate the key skills a social media strategist needs to leverage your brand awareness, create efficiencies and accelerate growth we will uncover the unique mindset of a social media strategist.   It happens to be a combination of the creativity of Pablo Picasso and analytical side of Albert Einstein where the right and left brain dance together in harmony.

Qualities and skills to look for when hiring a social media strategist

Are they both creative and analytical?

Do they have a genuine passion for social media?

Are they a good social listener?

Do they share valuable content?

Do they strategically engage on a number of social media networks?

Where they an early adopter to social media?

Do they engage with influencers in your industry, sector or vertical?

Do they understands Google’s webmaster SEO guidelines and follows them

What do their clients say about them?

Responsibilities of a Social Media Strategist

Discover your brands target following & audience

Create brand efficiencies including any changes needed

Create and implement a social media strategy & plan making adjustments to marketing conditions

Engage with your audience and build a strong community

Create brand awareness

Detailed competitive analysis looking for ways to gain competitive advantages

Monitor and analyze brand engagement

Analytics: Track and analyze any changes in social media statistics

Reward brand advocates and influencers to increase word of mouth referrals

Create a union between your brands social media audience, sales and customer retention

Digital-marketing-training-Knowledge-ExchangeThe value of social media is hidden within a large, highly concentrated network of likeminded people across multiple social media mediums.  This will allow you to market and brand your business effectively to an audience that you know likes your product or service increasing the probability of future business opportunities, word of mouth referrals and growth.

Analyzing these key features and genetic makeup of a Social Media Strategist will help you find a proper fit for your organization. Our dynamic digital world requires a compass to help guide you through the maze of scarcity and abundance. Knowing how to engage requires a compass and #shareingdotconnector

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