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| From San Francisco to Silicon Valley |

SF BridgeFrom San Francisco to Silicon Valley!  A region where innovation thrives and incredible things happen with a vibe like an Italian espresso saying “Applausi”.  Home of the streets with names like Market, San Hill Road and towns and cities like Mountain View, Menlo Park and San Francisco are where new media titans like; LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and my friends at Google+ thrive.

A world which is changing so fast, many older economy companies are having a hard time seeing the forest through the trees.  Even many technology companies are having a hard time keeping up on these innovations stretching from San Francisco to Silicon Valley.

Facts are, we are in a new amazing world where application programming interface (API) is becoming the library of transparency linking vast amounts of information together creating simplicity and more opportunity than anytime in the history of mankind.

As Leonardo Da Vinci wrote, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

A brief look into our media future, “cornerstone by cornerstone”:

LinkedIn is the largest business related social networking site.  This titan has an incredibly bright future with recently hitting a milestone of over 200 million members.  Now recognized on Wall Street with a premium stock valuation LinkedIn stands alone in relation to business content which can be used in business development, hiring talented individuals, marketing, increasing brand awareness and many other uses.  The recent changes LinkdedIn made to our groups and the they way they are distributing content and news is top shelf and one of the most important tools I have seen for business development.  Incredible resource for B2B business development.

~ @twitter ~ This #tweet is for you ~ Thx for connecting the #innovators of the #world ~ May the world become a #better place @dickc @PRNewswire – The best of the best for introducing your brand and building strategic alliances.  The most unique cornerstone in social media.  There is an art to a good tweet and a reason simplicity packs a powerful punch.

Facebook allows one to connect with friends, family and businesses on an intimate level.  Whether you are sharing your favorite photos, quote or liking your a favorite business page, Facebook’s hidden value is truly amazing from the vast amount of data people are willing to share.  When companies begin to realize they can speak to their potential clients, prospects and build their brand becomes the hidden value.  In May 2013, Facebook reported over 1.11 billion people using the site each month.  A true gem cornerstone in social media.  Incredible resource in building brands in both B2B and B2C when used with the proper strategy.

Google and Google+:
To our friends at Google with social solutions like Google+ who can be found via Coursera and share their knowledge.   You are the resource which allows entrepreneurs, businesses, bloggers, writers, artists and influencers to thrive.  Your applications are always simple and and why we like your linux-based operating system such as Android.  We love you DROID 🙂   A recent change made to Google’s Gmail architecture has made our lives much easier separating primary, social and promotion emails.  This has tremendously simplified our lives.

Google, words can’t thank you all enough for your efforts in making the world a better place and becoming the center of where we find intelligence and search for knowledge.  Scientists like Dr. Ed Chi and Dr. Lada Adamic have taught us the value of analyzing nodes, edges and how various strategies can affect the flow of information and data deriving predicted outcomes.  This is the core value of social media and digital architecture.

Google is well on its way of replacing telecommunications companies like cable TV, general media and of course the vast source of intelligence and knowledge controlling a large percentage of search.

Ladies and gentleman these are the future media titans.  Get busy creating, innovating and finding opportunity in this rapidly changing world by learning how to use the vast resources of information and knowledge at your fingertips.  Being an early adopter of these social media cornerstones has helped tremendously with efforts made in strategy consulting projects like specifically related to business development, new lead development, increasing new business revenue as well as increasing brand awareness.

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