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Forbes Top Women Social Media Power Influencers Approach to TwitterForbes Top Women Social Media Power Influencers Approach to Twitter.  We all have heard of it, and most of us are trying to use it.  The mysterious social media tool called “Twitter”.  You know, the little turquoise bird with the brand which can sing a song and create a melody of transparency.  A warm carefully worded tweet can create enough influence to calm a sea or increase the value of a brand.

It is with great honor and privilege to be given a task to explore the following question related to Twitter and how people with influence and klout are using it.

How do “Forbes Top Women Social Media Power Influencers use Twitter and what is their approach”?

While meeting in San Diego with Lori Ruff @loriruff CEO of Integrated Alliances, who happens to be in the “Top 10 Most Influential Women for Forbes Social Media Power Influencers” we discussed over happy hour a few approaches she has created to thrive in this very competitive group of women.

A river of market research led to an article in Forbes written by Haydn Shaughnessy @haydn1701 titled: “The Top 20 Women Social Media Power Influencers written on April 4, 2013″. (Click here).  As we can see from this article this group is highly competitive and there are a number of different approaches to each of their successes.  

According to Lori Ruff, with Twitter handles (@loriruff  and @IASocialMedia), there are a number of strategies and approaches which she has used to increase her ranking in this competitive landscape.  One of the key elements of her strategy is that she creates detailed lists of important users and tweets to these lists.  This creates more influence and visibility thus increasing the probability of being followed resulting in more influence.

Jessica Northey, Host/Founder Country Music Chat CMchatLIVE.com is the home of the largest and only organized Music hashtag communities on Twitter.  She is ranked second in The Top 20 Women Social Media Power Influencers via Forbes.

Jessica Northey - Forbes WomenBelow are the humble and down to earth words on her approach to using Twitter ~ She can be followed at @JessicaNorthey

“Always be yourself. PERIOD. Be authentic and have clear goals that make sense, to you. Use the same PR rules for your Social Media practices as you would anything you say or do in public. Pause when agitated or doubtful.

Since there are SO MANY different kinds of people in the world, my best advice has always been to tell artists/musicians I work with to treat social media like they are on stage. If they wouldn’t say into a mic at concert in front of fans or family, maybe they shouldn’t say it online either.

Don’t try to be anyone else, or let anyone tell you how to be you, even me.” by Jessica Northey – “Music is what feelings sound like.”

Come join her chat room ~ Join Country Music Chat aka #CMchat a 24/7 Hashtag Social Community with LIVE Celebrity Q&A Twitterview every Monday from 6-7pPT  & you can hangout with your #Twangout on Google+ TBA http://www.cmchatlive.com

Mari Smith, owner of Mari Smith International located in sunny San Diego focuses on Facebook Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Training, Consulting and SpeakingShe is ranked third in The Top 20 Women Social Media Power Influencers via Forbes.  Come follow her on Twitter @MariSmith  

In her own eloquent words here is how she approaches and uses Twitter including some incredible advice.

MariSmith05“I absolutely love Twitter’s simplicity and brevity, and the fact it’s all publicly visible whether people have an account or not, or are signed in or not. My approach is much the same as Facebook with the power triad combo of Content + Engagement + Conversion. I tweet 5-8 times a day with quality, relevant hand-picked articles (nothing is automated), and I personally respond to as many @ mentions as I can in any given 24 hour period. I never delegate my voice/engagement, but I do have help finding content. For conversion, that is turning followers into paying clients, I intersperse offers among the content tweets about 20% of the time. I also like to think of Twitter as the best virtual business card on the planet! Anytime I’m out at an event—speaking or networking—all I need to know is someone’s Twitter ID and I can stay connected with them. Sometimes I’ll even tweet to the person right at the event and the next day, I have a written record of who I met and who I want to follow up with! And, one of my favorite things to do on Twitter? Schedule tweets to coincide with talking points any time I lead a webinar or give a keynote!! By the way, I’m never afraid to take a break from tweeting; about once a quarter I go on a “digital fast” for several days to attend my favorite spiritual retreat. :)”

 Renee Blodgett, ranked in the Top 10 Women Social Media Power Influencers, Renee is a creative Marketing, Branding, PR & Social Media consultant who loves photography as seen camera in hand.  Below is more information on her including her approach to using social media and Twitter.  She is active Tweeting under the following two Twitter handles @WeBlogtheWorld and @MagicSauceMedia.  Come follow her.

renee with camera in paris“I wear a few hats but the same principles apply to both worlds, whether it’s the viral marketing, PR and social media work I do for companies through Magic Sauce Media or the content I produce for adventure and luxury travel site We Blog the World. I identify people and organizations I have a genuine interest in and reach out to them, which includes both following them and including them in tweets that are relevant to them. For example, if I write a post about a cruise in Chile’s Patagonia, I might alert those who tweet about or have interest in the area about the post.

What won’t work is a canned response or pitching a product or service or in my case, a travel destination when you’re not passionate about it. People who know me know which places in the world have stolen my heart and it comes through in the amount of content I produce, the volume of photography I shoot and the regularity of the tweets I send out. The same applies to the content I produce on food and tweets I send out in real time when I am in the middle of a restaurant or resort review.

Twitter is such a great way to not just voice your opinion but amplify it in seconds. I have tweeted about a situation on an airplane when there’s a delay or a seat issue and have heard from American Airlines and Delta Airlines within minutes asking how they can help. The power in that exchange is that I become a more loyal and avid fan of these airlines and my over agitated mind is put to rest in a less than stellar situation. It’s a win-win. The same applies to all service-based industries. The impact can be powerful and I can’t over-emphasize enough the new relationships that are formed as a result. With that said, consistency is key. In other words, don’t go into it lightly; it’s a time consuming effort and you need to be committed to it for the long haul”

Come visit Renee Blodgett’s businesses and websites ~ We Blog The World weblogtheworld.com and Magic Sauce Media magicsaucemedia.com

Deborah Lee, ranked in The Top 20 Women Social Media Power Influencers via Forbes is from the (UK) United Kingdom and teaches us how to use social media to build our personal brand.  Come visit her dynamic website debsylee.com – MADE IN BRITAIN.  Her twitter handle is @debsylee

Deborah Lee - BlogBelow is her approach in a lovely accent of words.

“I’ve been absorbed by Twitter for a little over four years now, and the truth is that the way I use it changes a little bit every day! I’ve actually done more face-to-face training and networking in recent months than I have in a long time, and that has been entirely down to the excellent opportunities Twitter gives me to research and fact-find specific market sectors and individuals.

There is a still a tendency to view social media in isolation, but for me the real strength comes in combining it with all other marketing and sales activities. It’s an integral part of my business process but I wouldn’t recommend using it entirely on its own.

And on a more basic level … Be nice, people! Aggressively attacking someone for their harmless views says more about you to any onlookers than the person you’re directing your comments toward. Courtesy and good manners cost nothing but they make a big statement about you.”

Thanks Deborah for sharing your approach.  Follow her on Twitter @debsylee

Here is what Viveka von Rosen, Founder, LinkedIntoBusiness twitter handle @LinkedExpert has to say.  She is in the Forbes Top Twenty Most Influential Women in Social Media and gave us a great quote below on how she uses Twitter.

Thank you Viveka for your personal touch.

Viveka - Smirky Viv“I have loved Twitter since I discovered it!  First of all I was fortunate enough to be early enough to get @LinkedInExpert as a username, and then jumped on #LinkedInChat once tweetchats became more popular (@MariSmith and I did a tweetchat before they were called tweetchats.  I think we called it a Tweet-in!)  So as far as branding myself as a LinkedIn expert, Twitter has been invaluable.  

More so even then LinkedIn itself.  I also LOVE Twitter because it is so much more open then LinkedIn for creating relationships.  Most of my friendships with social media thought leaders (like many of the other Top 50 Forbes influencers) have begun on Twitter.  In fact, I credit @BobBurg – who I met on Twitter – as one of the people who really set me on my path as a social media professional.  And while LinkedIn might be where I make my money, Twitter is still the best PR and marketing tool in my social media toolkit!”

Viveka von Rosen, is author of “LinkedIn Marketing“:  An Hour a Day” (J. Wiley & Sons) To purchase her book (Click Here)

Additional research found by another highly valid source related to increasing influence and Twitter followers can be seen below.

An article written via Forbes by contributor Dorie Clark titled: “How To Dramatically Increase Your Twitter Following gives specific details which many of these top social media power influencers use.  To read the article (Click Here)

The following bullet points are defined in the article:

Leveraging LinkedIn

Use tools to schedule your tweets

Join chat rooms of similar interest

Create efficiencies with your time

Respond to users interested in like content

Tweet inspirational quotes

Follow users who follow your followers

Find communities of similar interests and content

Careful analysis of these effective strategies illustrates a better understanding on how we can effectively use this mysterious tool called “Twitter”.   May your brand to sing a song, create a melody of transparency and increase your brand awareness by the influence of others.

It is quite evident the media titan Twitter is a very important tool for many “Top Forbes Social Media Influencers” like Lori Ruff @loriruff.  After researching a number of approaches that create influence and increase followers we can see this tool is a necessity to survive in an increasingly more competitive business landscape.  There is only one question.  Are you bold enough to begin using these strategies?

A special thanks to Lori Ruff, CEO of Integrated Alliances a Top 10 Most Influential Women Forbes Social Media Power Influencers and Dorie Clark @dorieclark a frequent contributor to Forbes, (HBR) Harvard Business Review, and the American Management Association.  Dorie Clark sees value of reinventing yourself and has a book titled “Reinventing You” and is an inspiration in our writing.

You can purchase Dorie Clark’s book “Reinventing You” by (Clicking Here)

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