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Everyone these days is in the process planning or building out their social media and digital architecture, yet very few take the time or allocate the proper resources to create a sound digital strategy.

In our rapidly changing dynamic digital world we have a tremendous amount of tools available to gain business advocates, increase revenue via word of mouth and increase the size of our online communities.

The proper strategy allows a business to build a strong brand leveraging what others have to say about their products and services.

It is clear many of these practices and companies are focusing on their digital architecture which is very important, however many of them lack the most important aspect in their plan called strategy.  Strategy defined: CLICK HERE

After analyzing many types of businesses and digital architectures of Dentists, Plastic Surgeons, IVF Doctors and other companies in a variety of industries it is quite evident who the market leaders are in their specific market place by searching various terms online.

The commonalities of these market leaders are very clear and illustrate how important strategy is by implementing it with your digital architecture.

The following points illustrate what it takes to be competitive in our increasingly competitive world.

Excellent digital architecture including a performing website which includes a creative blog

Regularly adding original unique content to your blog with the proper sales/non-sales ratios leaving a consistent message to dominate the search engines under targeted key words

Using the proper social media cornerstones to enhance your businesses services or products

Properly displayed social media icons linking properly to each specific online community which are visible and easily found on your website/blog

Properly using social media cornerstones to gain advocates (Customized Facebook Page, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube channel, Yelp, Flickr and other available online social tools)

A simple brand message consisting of the same business name, website domain and social media URLs with no variations creating congruency

Sound online reputation management combating any negative publications

A strong campaign giving your patients, clients and potential business prospects a reason to join your community

As Nelson De La Nuez portrays in the image in this posting titled: Monopoly Juggler Icons there are a lot of moving pieces in our digital age.  Do you have the proper digital strategy to win the game?

The recipe for success to a happier and healthier practice, business and or entity is having the proper strategy and implementing it, while allowing room for change given the fact there are so many moving parts.

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