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linkedin-iconLinkedIn Part Four Conclusion of the four part blog series on LinkedIn we previously discussed the following topics on the specific dates listed below:

Part (i) The value of having a LinkedIn recommendation – Posted February 10, 2011

Part (ii) Strategies in building a solid business community using LinkedIn – Posted February 22, 2011

Part (iii) Strategies using LinkedIn to increase brand awareness and revenue – Posted March 3, 2011

In this final series, “LinkedIn Part (iv):  Conclusion” we will tie together the fact LinkedIn as a social media medium should not be ignored and has become an extremely valuable tool linking decision makers, buyers and brands together forming a highly concentrated community of like minded people.

Marketing 101 states that the higher concentration of like minded individuals or entities, the greater probability there is in getting your desired results.

To survive in our new economy a business must adapt to these changes or they won’t survive.  You cannot ignore the soaring statistics, increased demand and visibility of what LinkedIn provides as a social media medium to increase brand awareness and create revenue opportunities.

What does this mean for your business?  In summary, the efforts businesses have made in the past by building a solid website with excellent content and traditional SEO (Search Engine Optimization) by additional links and back-links will not be enough moving forward as a stand alone marketing strategy going into the future.  Most definitely a great website with original content and traditional SEO is a very important foundation of an internet marketing strategy however, this part of your marketing plan does not allow you to interact with your prospects on a 24/7 basis like LinkedIn and other social media mediums like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. In addition, a website is static by nature unless you have an active blog built into your website.

Bottom line:  You must incorporate a strategy using LinkedIn and other social media mediums to thrive in the years to come.

Why?  Search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo have made it very clear they will be incorporating social media mediums like LinkedIn into their search results and making them top priority.  If you evaluate these facts, how can a business ignore these changes?  In addition, as the economy continues to struggle a business will require more visibility to obtain the same results.  LinkedIn provides more visibility to a highly concentrated community.  The facts tell the story that you will need to change and adjust many of your marketing efforts moving forward.

Analyzing these statistics will give you tremendous clarity as to the significance of having a sound social media strategy incorporating LinkedIn. It is imperative for the future survival of any business (small/medium/large).

Few questions to evaluate:

Is your marketing and website company adapting to these changes?

Is your internet consultant helping you create a sound strategy?

Have you created a LinkedIn profile without creating a strategy?

How active is your internet department or web company in adapting to these changes?

Do you want to just survive or thrive moving forward?

LinkedIn as a social media medium will forever change the way we communicate, recommend a business, build solid business communities and increase brand awareness to generate revenue.  We cannot ignore this tremendous shift which happening in front of our eyes.

There is a reason LinkedIn symbol (LNKD) was considered a hot IPO and investors will continue to give it a premium valuation moving forward.

To learn more how a social media strategist can help you create a sound LinkedIn strategy, create more visibility linking decision makers, buyers and brands please contact:

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