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“Strategy by pBs, LLC aka Paul Bradley Smith partnered with our company’s shopping center division branding Miramar Landing and developing a very sound social media branding & marketing strategy.   The strategy enabled us to understand what we could offer our clients something that our competition had yet to develop.  Our goal was to gain more customers. His strategy and efforts were a tremendous success and allowed us to sell our shopping center for a good price.

From beginning to end, Paul Bradley Smith exhibited extraordinary creativity and solid business judgement that allowed us to achieve our goals within a budget that offered great value.  I highly recommend that you give Paul Bradley Smith a try.  You’ll be glad you did!   Al Malouf Assad – CEO Hanken Cono Assad & Co. Inc.


with Kare Anderson

“Paul Bradley Smith’s warm and relevant social approach pulls in customers for his clients and spurs bragging rights” ~ Kare Anderson  “Behavior speaker and columnist for Forbes and Huffington Post”

“Paul Bradley Smith is a thoughtful connector and a social media power user. His warmth and passion for helping others shines through.” ~ Dorie Clark



“Paul is a true professional who is a master of his branding and marketing craft. His attention to detail is meticulous and he brings a passion to his work that clearly illustrates his determination and dedication to making a difference.” ~ Ted Rubin  #Noletup! #RonR


“Paul is a passionate connector who is always happy to help in any way he can. He understands that the key to social selling is connecting with people socially first and selling second. We are very lucky to have him as part of our community.”Michaela Prouzova, Community Engagement Manager

“Working with Paul has been a great experience. Paul has helped to contribute to the business development, brand awareness and many creative aspects of Social Doctor, LLC. He has brought experience and a palpable enthusiasm to our company. His persistent, work ethic and enthusiasm are instrumental to his success. Paul’s specific skills in relation to his work with Social Doctor include social media marketing, lead generation and content development.” – James Bass, Founder 

“Paul is a tenacious and creative individual, with the ability to come up with unique ways of building and growing a sales pipeline that has a positive impact on an organization’s ability to drive sales and revenue. Paul’s eager and can-do attitude reflects itself across all that he does within an organization, positively influencing those he comes into contact with (colleagues and customers alike). I recommend Paul for any variety of roles that involve marketing strategy, content development, relationship management, process development management and revenue generation.” ~ Irina Lewis – Senior Director Product AtScale, Inc 

“Paul has been a contributing strategic voice for the online marketing industry for many years. His creativity alone is a phenomenal addition to the thought leadership and social media space, but Paul adds a seasoned layer of strategy, business, and experience on top of that. He’s one of the few people I know who mixes such a high level of creativity with an expert level of strategic thinking and planning in the marketing world, let alone the social media marketing world. He’s an invaluable friend, and we consider him a member of our team.” ~ Robert Cortes, Founder RebelFish Local


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