Grow from small to middle Law Firms Growing Small to MiddleWe help law firms and professional services that want that want to grow from small to middle. The formula for law firm brand growth from small to middle is more simple than we may think.  Challenges most brands face in our noisy world. Patience, resources and time to implement a proper growth strategy properly.  Too often companies are sold marketing products which have little impact on the growth of their brand.

For example, they create an automated social media strategy that distributes their brand across social channels.  Yet they don’t engage with their audience. Another common hindrance comes from within the company. Management places new hourly employees to do tasks that are the most critical and important elements of your brand,  “Our social voice”.  

Social Engagement Tip: Look your audience directly in the eye digitally. Use the voice of your brand.  This is an important task for the CMO, senior management or the owners of the business.  Online engagement is one of the most critical elements of the growth process. Engagement action is what initially develops the relationship.  In a business transaction, relationships are the elements needed in getting a signature to a new contract.

Ted Rubin shares the value of a relationship in a few words.

Ted Rubin CMO

“Relationships are like muscle tissue. The more they’re engaged, the stronger and more valuable they become. The ability to build relationships and flex that emotional connection muscle is what makes social so valuable.” ~ Ted Rubin

The equation for growth is not a complicated formula for law firm brand growth.  It’s merely a formula that requires consistency, time, patience and dedicated resources.  This means be efficient with the resources you have set for your marketing and branding efforts.

Growth Formula Defined:
Use marketing tools that create efficiencies in; organization, data efficiency and email tracking and group messaging smart CRM solutions like NimbleTake Nimble for a test drive today CLICK HERE

 Managing data is one of the most important aspects of our future in marketing & branding 

Amazon is a great example of a company who has done this effectively.  Question: Are you?


Consistent messaging distributed via your social channels that Stands Out like Dorie Clark’s book:
Find influencers who can help distribute our message


Engagement with your audience:
Look your audience directly in the eye digitally and engage with them


Create and build new relationships with a #MutualityMindset:
Reach out and create new relationships with those who have a high probability of supporting your brand and you can support theirs


Law Firm Brand Growth   

The challenge to this formula and process is developing a consistent message and strategy. This includes allocating the proper resources for this progress.  This process takes time. It is such a critical part of your brands growth and awareness yet, very few brands are bold enough to take the steps to create growth.  It’s natural for humans to be opposed to change.

Few Tips When Budgeting:

  1. Reallocate resources from other areas of marketing & and even under performing sales agents and follow the formula with a CMO

  2. Turn your employees into social advocates of your brand – Have someone train your team to do this (vs) hiring an agency to do this for you

  3. Reallocate resources from underperforming traditional marketing methods like billboards, magazines, TV and Radio

Bold brands speak like a child, focusing on human empathy and emotion.

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” ~ Pablo Picasso

Paul Bradley Smith a #socialbrandconnector that connects bold brands to their audience.  Some companies like staying small.  For brands that want to go from #smalltomiddle grow with #socialbrandconnector.

Contact us today for a 360 Degree Marketing Analysis.  We offer unique freelance CMO services called “The Full Monty Black Tie CMO” where we can help serve and manage your marketing vendors, agencies and digital architecture.  We have a number of key partnerships in place to help take you to the next level and go from #smalltomiddle

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