Recipe for law firm brand growthThe colorful recipe for law firm growth.  Every brand seeks it, yet only a few get to experience it. Only the BOLD know how to produce and replicate it.  Technology has created new tools and opportunities for growing your brand.  Opportunities exist unlike any other point in history. Be bold and explore the treasures that produce growth.   The colorful recipe for brand growth echoes from the existence of being bold.

“Freedom lies in being BOLD.” ~ Robert Frost

Law Firm Marketing and GrowthBeing BOLD can be humbling.  Experiencing failure builds character, humbles the soul and refines our egos.  The colorful recipe for growth is hidden in the elements empathy and the human centric part of your brand. Our message needs to be consistent and delivered to our targeted audience.  As Paulo Coelho wrote:

“Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience.” ~ Paulo Coelho

Experiences come from life’s adventures.  We can study our brands elements by weaving our experiences into our brands message and the brands our our influencers.  Creativity flows from the river of experience.  The following answers can help us adjust our strategy.


1. Does your marketing team have the experience to create growth

2. Are they humbled and open to new ideas (or) prideful letting egos/envy hinder growth?

Make no mistake the colorful recipe for law firm brand growth resembles a long process like that of fermenting the right grapes that that produce the fragrance of a fine wine.  The recipe for growth is the sum of the following human elements that stand out. Only the bold have the patience and tenacity to endure this process.

 The colorful recipe for brand growth = The sum of the following human elements that stand out and are empathetic to their audience

Your brand should have a simple and consistent human centric message (ie) logo matching mission, vision and delivery of products or services that stands out – References Bryan Kramer Dorie ClarkReinventing You | Stand Out


Dig deep and discover your brand’s target audience & influencers that create mutuality & new opportunities – Be an opportunity maker:  As Kare Anderson writes the capacity to create mutuality with others can transform you into a sought-after Opportunity Maker – Book Mutuality Matters 


Delivering your brand’s message to your target audience using tools like Nimble


Analyzing the data of your brands message that was delivered to your target audience 


Listen & take action.  Create new relationships with your target audience and listen to their needs.  This will help cultivate these relationships and increase the probability of  your brands message being shared – Reference Ted Rubin on Relationships #Noletup #RonR & Bryan Kramer Shareology


Turn new relationships into partners, then partners into ambassadors of your product or service


Questions for your marketing team to discuss.

Is our brand simple, consistent and bold?

Does our brand portray a human centric message to our target audience?

Do our internal ideas and structure create value or create ego/envy battles that hinder growth?

Should we outsource creativity & ideas?

Do we really know what our competitors are doing? 

Are we under estimating your competition?

Have we done a complete audit of our competition? (ie) 360 degree competitive marketing analysis

Does our brand’s message create new relationships?

Do our digital architecture and social channels distribute our brands message to our target audience and influencers of our brand?

Answering these tough questions will help your team understand where to start, implement and begin to execute new strategies that promote and create growth for your brand.  The recipe for Recipe for law firm brand growthgrowth is long process like that of fermenting the right grapes that produce the fragrance of a fine wine. Relationships are the key to your success.  As Ted Rubin writes,

“Relationships are like muscle tissue. The more they’re engaged, the stronger they become. The ability to build relationships and flex that emotional connection muscle is what makes social so valuable.” ~ Ted Rubin 

Bryan Kramer Relationships cannot be forced by hard deadlines, bottom lines and collaboration of board rooms that hinder growth.  Relationships‬ are built over time by connecting, sharing and engaging our successes as well as our failures. This creates extraordinary opportunities because we are human and carry a unique trait called empathy‬ that naturally wants to add value and help others.

“We measure success by the humility it takes to see truth.” ~ (pBs) #socialbrandconnector 

Dorie Clark Stand OutKnowing how to discover your audience & stand out requires a human compass.  We would love to be your human compass and learn more about your branding and marketing needs. Contact us by filling out the contact form below.

Our Goal:  To help capture the passion, plan and purpose of your brand’s story.  Then deliver it to your audience harvesting new relationships that lead to growth.