Internet Security Tips While Working From A Home Office

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Internet Security Tips With the new reality of so many people working remotely as a result of COVID-19, we need to make some important decisions and changes to our internet security.  The following are a few internet security tips that will help you have a much safer experience working from home and reduce your

Return on Empathy, Apply, Share and Display It

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Return on Empathy There is no doubt in our current business environment we need to be creative, BOLD, courageous and nimble to survive.  Small businesses, law firms, professional services and technology companies are scrambling to adapt to the current market trends.  As a result of a powerful economic wrecking ball the size

Brand Culture: The DNA of a Brands Experience

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This is a story about brand culture and the DNA of a Brands Experience. Every great brand aspires to achieve it, yet few take the disciplined steps to be courageous enough to experience it. Instead pride, ego and cowardice become the story.  With the proper leadership your brands story can thrive creating a strong brand

Law Firm Brands – Grow from Small to Middle

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We help law firms and professional services that want that want to grow from small to middle. The formula for law firm brand growth from small to middle is more simple than we may think.  Challenges most brands face in our noisy world. Patience, resources and time to implement a proper growth strategy properly. 

The colorful recipe for law firm growth

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The colorful recipe for law firm growth.  Every brand seeks it, yet only a few get to experience it. Only the BOLD know how to produce and replicate it.  Technology has created new tools and opportunities for growing your brand.  Opportunities exist unlike any other point in history. Be bold and explore the treasures

Secret Art of Tweeting

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| Secret Art of Tweeting | What is the secret art of tweeting?  Every brand wants to get noticed by the little turquoise canary that sings, chirps and tweedles words and abbreviations like; Retweet (RT), handle, #hastag, Lists, IMHO, #FF, Tweep, Twitterat and even Twitterverse.  The Secret Art of tweeting is learned through the experience

What is a growth executive

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What is a growth executive? In our bold new world of pixels, WordPress, permalinks and meta.  You can discover innovations, definitions and acronyms that create new meaning. In fact if you listen closely they may resemble the wi/fi and colorful aroma at your local coffee shop. There is no doubt our digital world is creating a new frontier with doors

Ten Business Development and Sales Tips From A Social Brand Connector

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| Ten Business Development and Sales Tips From A Social Brand Connector | Ten Business Development and Sales Tips From A Social Brand Connector.  When we a create passion from uncovering opportunity by reaching rock bottom. We begin to see things from many different angles and begin to put together the pieces of the puzzle. The

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