Social Listening Creates Opportunity for the CMO

| Social Listening Creates Opportunity for the CMO |

Social ListeningListening is a loving action that can lead to a deeper connection, genuine social engagement and a real time opportunity for the CMO to become creative with the foundation of your brand.

In the innovative chaotic world were fiction can become reality listening shines a new light to alternative paths our competition has yet to take. This stimulates new ideas, strategic direction and new revenue opportunities. If we analyze deeper we see evidence of where Social Listening Creates Opportunity for the CMO.

In our era of media where anyone with a smart phone device can be a journalist in real time CMOs uncover some interesting challenges in how to engage with their target audience.

The opportunity for the CMO is a present wrapped in a nice bow covered with the priceless word “trust”, the most valuable part of your brand.

“Trust is the foundation of new beginnings.” ~ pBs

The skilled CMO will evaluate all angles and uncover new opportunities that create marketing efficiencies and focus on areas that create growth by building trust with a consistent brand message that is mobile friendly.

As Tamara McCleary a thought leader and internationally recognized expert on relationships and conscious business says:

“Mobile is incredibly important and critical that marketers deliver a consistent brand message that is mobile friendly.”

Every CMO deals with marketing challenges differently and ignoring the obvious can lead to bigger challenges however, focusing on a consistent brand message that is mobile friendly as Tamara McCleary clearly portrays this in the following IBM Video below.

As our digital age matures like a fine wine we continue connect the dots between the digital world of ones and zeros, to the physical word. A world where the customer is now empowered 24/7 with our little device becoming part of our modern family.

Are we social listening and engaging with our audience, (or) are we asking how can we meet and exceed our marketing and growth expectations focusing on an illusion of unattainable quotas. These challenges create a unique opportunity to build back the most valuable part of our brand “trust”.

Focusing on social listening our brand becomes more trustworthy, over time the numbers will naturally grow by the audience being inspired, encouraged and creating the urge to share the value of your brand to the billions of mobile users with a smart phone.

“Happiness is not a goal…it’s a by-product of a life well lived.”  ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

Create a well lived life for your brand focusing on the human elements of your brand by adopting human to human #H2H principles as Bryan Kramer has taught us to do. Social Listening Creates Opportunity for the CMO by establishing, creating and building trust.

Listening to Tamara McCleary’s amazing video and messages that a consistent mobile friendly brand message is incredibly important. Take action by answering these questions.

Questions for your CMO:

Is your organization’s brand built on trust?

Is your digital architecture mobile friendly?

Are you focused on short-term results or building long-term trust?

Is building trust part of your marketing plan?

Contact, engage and share with Tamara McCleary, Bryan Kramer and other global thought leaders learning how they solve many marketing and social media challenges.

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  1. Tamara McCleary September 27, 2015 at 4:56 pm - Reply

    THANK YOU Paul! What a lovely post, and I agree with you 100%! I love how you kicked off the post with, “Listening is a loving action that can lead to a deeper connection, genuine social engagement and a real time opportunity for the CMO to become creative with the foundation of your brand.” THAT right there says it all. It’s about being connected for genuine engagement. (Heart motive always speaks loudest… it’s what we do, not what we say, that speaks the loudest.) Not paying attention to the “other” and understanding another’s world, their needs, wants and desires is called broadcasting. Broadcasts don’t work anymore because we are all only invested in what we perceive to be REAL. When companies understand not only their customer’s needs, wants, and desires, but also understand their employees needs, wants, and desires… and ALL are aligned on purpose, mission, vision and values… MAGIC happens! The new definition of SUCCESS! Thank you again for your genuine, authentic, friendship and connection Paul. YOU live your message. In #Gratitude for you! Much love, Tamara

  2. Paul Bradley Smith September 27, 2015 at 6:41 pm - Reply

    Honored by your kind words and actions Tamara ~ ~ Saw your video and these words came to life 🙂

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