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Clark for President - My blog photoWoof!  Woof!  My name is Clark G the Dog The World Famous Talking Dog. I was rescued by my parents in September of 2009 by Jennifer & Marc my mother and father from Colorado Puppy Rescue. After losing one of my past brothers they spent hours online looking through many different shelters and even went to Petco on Colorado Boulevard in Denver Colorado to look for puppies. The puppy my parents originally intended to take home had already been adopted.  So my mom and dad decided to go to the Colorado Puppy Rescue.  Thank goodness for this.

When my mom first encountered me, I was called “puppy #55”, she noticed my interesting markings and incredibly beautiful puppy smile.  She didn’t even know I could talk.  I sure knew how to work her with my strong character and puppy smile.   My mom, was sold immediately however, they needed to wait for another family to check me out.

My parents waited patiently while the other family visited with me.  All I wanted a mom and dad who loved me, would talk with me and give me a good name.  The nice lady from the rescue shelter felt the my parents would be the much better choice for my future care.

After the dog rescue explained the tremendous care I would need to the family visiting me calling me “puppy #55”.  I couldn’t wait to get a name.  I even told them, but they didn’t listen.  After speaking to the rescue the family looking at me decided that I was not the puppy for them.  I sure am grateful for this.

It wasn’t long before my parents decided to move forward and adopted me.  Thank you mom and dad.   After filling out the adoption paperwork, the first thing my mom said, “Ladies and Gentleman Meet, “Clark G the Dog”.  I was so thankful for this.  It was music to my ears.  I finally got a great name.  From these exact words a star was born.

Thank you mom, dad, aunt Robin and uncle Andrew.  I sure am blessed to have such incredible parents and family.  Thank you all for being so persistent in adopting me and recognizing my speaking abilities.

So thankful in fact; I, Clark G the Dog have decided to donate part of my proceeds from becoming so famous to the Colorado Puppy Rescue.  To purchase my official Clark for President merchandise CLICK HERE.  They sure know how to match up quality families.

I will say it again, Clark G the Dog you are a star”.  Thank you mom for boldly stating my name and recognizing me for my talents.

Returning from the rescue I forgot to tell my parents that I was very sensitive to various foods and that I had many allergies.  I even heard my mom say, “poor little guy was up all night scratching himself silly and crying”.  Mom began to feed me elk stew and a few good leftovers (Yummy! Yummy!), almost as good as the maple bacon.

After a massive amount of research they came up with a great solution which agreed with my sensitive system.  My preference became lamb and rice which has since cured my allergies.

Growing up I was very feisty,  playful and extremely strong willed.  I still love chasing anything and everything that moves.  This includes my sister Layla, my favorite ball and knot.

I began talking when I was a puppy.  It became apparent when my mom started making all these rules in the house.   For example, dogs are not allowed in the kitchen.  She thinks she is teaching me a lesson or something, however I think I am teaching her a lesson by talking back to her.

My mom always says, “stay out of the kitchen”, so I bark back at her saying “rules are made to be broken”.  I even talked back to her while learning to sit and stay.  I would say “Clark G the Dog is my name, intelligence is my game”.  My parents make it known I am the younger dog in the house and when I want to do something like jump on the bed to cuddle with my family, I have to wait for my sister Layla to jump first before I can cuddle.  Boy, my parents sure run a tight ship!

I enjoy going on rides in the car and long walks.  I also like to be the most dominate alpha dog on the block.  Mom and dad said they have plans on correcting my bully behavior.  Have you seen the news on what they are doing with bullies these days?  I better start obeying these rules.

Everyday when my mom comes home, I grab her hand with my teeth and start talking to her.  I always greet her with a warm smile and a few tongue licks.  My favorite thing to do is play with my family.  My family says I have brought tremendous joy into their lives despite being so strong willed.  I really love them.

Clark G the Dog is my name, intelligence is my game.  I am now a world famous dog as a result of the Youtube viral video created by my mom Jennifer, dad Marc, aunt Robin and the creativity and voice of Andrew Grantham.  I am still looking for the cat who ate my food.

I think it is very important to let my fans know who I am, and where I came from.  I am very happy to have such a loving family and extremely loyal fans who want to hear my voice.  It’s about time everyone hears what I have to say.

To all you decision makers, big wigs and corporate jet setters:  Clark G the Dog is seeking corporate sponsors to help other dogs in need of finding loving families like mom and dad found me.

To learn more about my fans and I, please visit my Facebook page “Clark G the Dog” and Youtube channel URL  youtube.com/clarkgthedog

Special note:

Thank you uncle Paul for interviewing me and writing this blog.  Woof Woof!  I invite ALL my fans to my Uncle Paul’s Facebook page  Smither’s Web Solutions & Branding

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