Image by © Nelson De La Nuez Title:  My Life Saver

A Strategy Life Saver is Refreshing to Digital Business Development.  A special thanks to my loyal readers who have innovative businesses as well as doctors in the following specialties; IVF, Fertility, Dermatology, Orthopaedics, Dentistry, Plastic Surgery and other healthcare professionals who make the world a better place.  The following information will evaluate how a strategy lifesaver refreshing to digital business development

This publishing includes some unique content, innovative ideas as well as a quote related to business development in today’s digital world.

Quote:  Through the Visible Doors

“Through the visible doors I see, the digital needs looking back at me.  Dig, ask, analyze and find, see the needs begin to unwind.  Uncover truth and you will find, a client who is soon to shine”  – ©Paul Bradley Smith  

Marketing and business development has changed significantly due to the rapidly advancing digital world that will forever change the way businesses generate and create new business.  Like it or not, this is here to stay.  Adapt or be left behind.

Gone are the days of push marketing where business push their products and services on the consumer through traditional forms.  These methods are very costly and have very little return on your investment.  Have you checked the prices of a billboard ad recently?

New tools allow you to listen and adapt to your patients or clients needs allowing you to adapt quickly versus pushing something you think they need.

Our world is now flat as a result of many social media tools and cornerstones such as (Blogs, LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, Skype and many known useful tools).

With the proper strategy you can create a marketing and new lead business development plan which will uncover opportunities that  are pulled to you by a well educated consumer searching for your services and products online via key words.

In fact, if properly executed the strategy can produce a greater number of cases, more patients and demand for your services and you can concentrate your efforts in more profitable areas of your business creating efficiency.

Pull marketing is where a well educated consumer searching for your product or services finds you from the strategy and plan you create.

Look at what has happened in the music industry recently.  Media and digital music innovators have recently seen significant changes in the music industry with many more to come.  The innovation in social media and vast networks have created a flat world creating more opportunity worldwide.  This is transforming the music industry before our eyes shifting from a push to pull strategy.

Recently signed up for Spotify to give my readers a more enjoyable experience where you can share music using social media and other social tools.  A close friend “Mr. Ford” part of many of my social networks knows music very well, and turned me on to this application.  This solution gave me the inspiration to publish this content.

In the past a push strategy consists of marketing campaign with control of the message being sent out.  A pull strategy has created a shift in power from advertisers to consumers where consumers become your marketing advocates and control your message, reputation and ideas for future products and or services pulling the consumer of your services to you as a result of your online reputation.

The following are key elements in creating a solid digital pull and business development strategy where your patients, consumers and clients become advocates and promote your products and services.

As Nelson De La Nuez portrays in his image above titled:  My Life Saver”.  Here are a few refreshing facts which will help create a better digital architecture in our modern world.

Key elements of a sound digital architecture:

  • Blog – Your blog is the main engine generating business by offering non sales related content value and creating online credibility increasing the value of your brand – Considered the central hub in your social media strategy and a key element many over look
  • Facebook Page – Branded business Facebook page with (likes) by people or entities which have a high probability of doing business with you
  • Google+ – Although Google+ is not as widely used as Facebook it most certainly has it’s advantages when dealing with SEO and SEM
  • Twitter – Branded Twitter account properly using proper tweeting techniques to properly brand your business
  • Youtube Channel – Very effective in introducing your practice and services
  • Adding a video website/webstory introducing your practice and treatment center
  • Creative social media campaigns
  • Being creative and producing a consistent message

It is a fact the proper digital strategy and business development plan will generate a larger patient base, increased treatment conversions and a larger number of various targeted procedures for a number of specialties leading to profitability.

Thank you for taking the time to read my publishing’s.  Truly value your comments and suggestions.  To learn more feel free to contact me by filling out the contact form below.

Warmest of regards to my loyal readers.

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