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 Law Firm Marketing Paul Bradley Smith Paul Bradley Smith a Social Brand Connector that helps connect BOLD and COURAGEOUS law firm and professional service brands to their audience.  A growth, branding and marketing strategist.  Paul is a cReAtIvE analytical human being that focuses on creating marketing efficiencies for law firm marketing. An intellectual that captures the influence your brand’s audience by harvesting new relationships that become partners that create growth.

Mission specific to law firm marketing: 

To help your brand STAND OUT, find its audience, create new relationships and  growth

Values include; God, family, culture, people, soccer, golf, travel, adventure, languages, art, creativity, intellect, simplicity, strategy and becoming a better person.  Growing up in Douglas County Colorado on many acres of land he became one with nature creating an appetite for adventure.  This led him to live in places like San Francisco, San Diego, Orange County and Costa Rica.

Paul Bradley Smith has traveled to many corners of the earth for adventure and work.  Places visited; Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Costa Rica, Panama, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Australia, England, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Greece, Mexico and a number of islands in the Caribbean.  One of his favorite adventures was to Alaska the great frontier fishing on the Kenai with his father.

Polyglot (English/Español/Lite Svensk).  He continues his quest to learn new things such as innovative digital strategies and be involved with positive changes with the goal of making the world a better place.

He finds marketing strategies that create efficiencies, shares innovative content and context, and measures the results to create new opportunities.

A favorite quote:

“Intellectuals solve problems, geniuses prevent them” by Albert Einstein

Forbes CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) Network, LinkedIn for Journalists, Stanford Center for Social Innovation, (HBR) Harvard Business Review, (HBR) Harvard Business Review Reader’s Forum, Stanford Entrepreneurial Minds, Stanford Social Innovation Review, Pepperdine Graziadio School of Alumni & Students, Colorado State University Alumni Association & Alpha Kappa Psi

Resources and Influencers:

Stanford Graduate School of Business
Harvard Business Review
Kare Anderson
Dorie Clark 

Pure Matter
Bryan Kramer
Jon Ferrara
Jan Gordon
Ian Cleary
Khan Academy
Paulo Coelho
Sun Tzu
The Rock
Dr. Lada Adamic

Ted Rubin #Noletup!


 Influential philosophers, aRtIsTs, and writers:

The Alpha & Omega (life wouldn’t exist without GOD) ~ Paulo Coelho ~ Marcus Aurelius ~ Dr. Seuss ~ Leonardo da Vinci ~ Michelangelo ~ Salvador Dalí ~ Pablo Picasso ~ Giorgio de Chirico ~ René Magritte ~ M.C. Escher ~ Andy Warhol ~ Jim Morrison ~ Jimi Hendrix ~ Paulo Coelho ~ Led Zeppelin ~U2 – Bono ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson ~ Ovid ~ Aristotle ~ Plato ~ The Cure ~ Pink Floyd ~ Rush  ~ Journey ~ The Who ~ Elton John ~ Socrates ~ Winston Churchill

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