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Everyone these days is a social media expert when in fact there are a tremendous amount of moving pieces which need to be evaluated in order to compete in a highly competitive world.

Below are some common characteristics of what makes an excellent social media strategist.

A social media strategist must analyze and sort through a tremendous amount of information and offer a sound solution for the businesses online needs to maximize revenue potential for your product or service.

This includes developing, implementing and executing strategies for the following:

Online Reputation Management

Patient, customer and client online reviews

Proper blogging techniques to generate more visibility

Understand the proper mix of sales and non sales related value content

Maximizing word of mouth referrals

Many businesses fail to see that social media is a tremendous tool which if strategically implemented with the proper cornerstones can produce results which work their way to the bottom line.  Basically they fail to execute their plan without a sound strategy.

For example, depending on your industry, specialization, product and or service would determine which social media cornerstone will benefit your marketing strategy.

The strategy comes from where to concentrate your efforts to maximize revenue opportunities.

Below are some common shortfalls I see after evaluating a vast number of online marketing efforts by many medical practices.

Spend their resources building out their architecture expecting immediate performance yet have no strategy, campaign and or plan

Fail to understand that it is not just about how many people are part of your social network but the message you are delivering for revenue conversion

Not using the proper combination of social media cornerstones converting your online community into word of mouth referrals

Place temporary staff members or even full time employees with very little online experience in charge of something so important to the future of the practice

When hiring a social media strategist:

Does your social media strategist start with a plan?

Do they recognize the importance of incorporating the proper social media cornerstones for your business and or industry?

Do they understand the components of what makes a successful campaign and strategy?

Are they suggesting a specific mixture of sales and non sales related value content?

Be happy you found this content, the reason you are able to read this publishing is a result of a strategy.

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