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The value of a marketing analysis for a private practice.  The purpose of this blog is to educate doctors, private practices and fertility centers how you can become more efficient with your marketing dollars by understanding the benefits of a marketing and branding analysis.

The reality is, most doctors find themselves consistently asking, “What is marketing automation, and how does it benefit me”? Today, we will cover that.”

In our rapidly evolving competitive Analysis Visualizationdigital world there are many tools available which can create confusion for marketing agencies, marketing teams and temporary staff members who often are called upon to implement a marketing plan.  Doing a complete marketing and branding analysis by a professional third party that is highly specialized and skilled could be a wise investment. That’s why it might be worthwhile checking out someone who can create a marketing plan insurance for you, to make sure that you have a successful investment.

What is a marketing and branding analysis?

Detailed blue print of your online architecture and how this could be improved to facilitate more revenue

Evaluating areas of your marketing plan which could be more efficient and areas that create more value

Help your team evaluate your marketing decisions based on your entire budget and allocate monies to the most effective areas

Give you highly detailed information specific to your competition

Help identify, connect and engage  with influencers of your brand and learn how to reward them to stimulate more word of mouth referrals

Create new practice revenue opportunities

Evaluate effective content strategies to increase new patients and business

A complete and detailed marketing analysis and proper strategy create revenue opportunities and lower future marketing costs.

We recognize and understand you may be dealing with the following challenges:
1. Getting great value for your marketing investment, difficulty cultivating new ideas
2. Finding and empowering the proper office staff to help you with your marking efforts
3. No time to deal with all your vendors specific to your marketing efforts
4. Don’t understand what you are currently paying for specifically to your marketing efforts
5. Tracking all your marketing efforts – Do you know where you really stand?

Properly marketing a private practice is not an easy task and there are some surprises along the way.  For example, like finding out your marketing agency has been writing duplicate content for you that goes against Google’s algorithm and will hinder your SEO efforts.

If you look at your marketing budget in the terms of  its entirety including those hired with any involvement specific to marketing you can begin to see things from a number of different angles.  Raindrop Marketing would like the opportunity to look at your entire marketing efforts.  Both digital and traditional marketing efforts.

Raindrop MarketingRaindrop Marketing focuses on offering a lot of value for your marketing investment where we focus on the client entire marketing experience.   Raindrop Marketing offers high-quality, creative and strategic marketing efforts that help businesses grow.

The essence of the Raindrop Marketing brand is trust in partnership.  We believe success begins with the proper analysis and plan that builds trust.

Raindrop Marketing recognizes that with the proper analysis and strategy can lead to a happier and healthier center.

When it rains growth, its not just about the end results, it’s about a positive client experience” ~Jacques Spitzer, Adam Wagner & Paul Bradley Smith (pBs ) ~ Raindrop Marketing 

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