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| Common social media marketing shortfalls |

Nelson De La Nuez - Get Out of Jail

Recognizing many common social media marketing shortfalls.  After analyzing many companies in a variety of industries here are the most common social media marketing shortfalls when it comes to having a marketing strategy to compete in our  competitive marketplace.

Below are 10 of the most common social media marketing mistakes made by businesses and brands that are seeking growth.

Businesses fail to see the enormous opportunity to create evangelists and promoters of your products and or services

Businesses have yet to develop a social media strategy or plan

Businesses often put people like temporary employees or junior staff members in charge of their social media campaigns

Businesses use social media to bombard their clients with in your face sales related content and information when in fact there are very specific ratios in your strategy and plan for sales and non sales related value content

Businesses fail to produce new, original and unique content

Turn their marketing strategy into a popularity contest

Fail to devote an adequate resources to a sound strategy

Failure to cut budgets and streamline traditional marketing avenues which are less effective in our current innovative world

Fail to offer prospects and clients a reason to join your social media network

Hire the wrong marketing agency which focuses on more traditional forms of marketing

Your goal with social media should be to become a trusted resource and communicate effectively with your clients and prospective clients by using a combination of sales and non-sales related value content.

A quote simplifying your overall objective, “Turn people into acquaintances, acquaintances into clients and clients into strong evangelists” by Paul Bradley Smith.

Social media is a very powerful tool if used properly.  Failing to construct a sound social media strategy and plan is like trying to use a dull tool on an important project.  Don’t get left behind by your competition.  Develop a plan and strategy which gets results.

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