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Law Firm, Professional Services and Non-Profit Marketing, Branding & Growth Strategy

“Be genuine. Be remarkable. Be worth connecting with.” – Seth Godin

Social Brand Connector helps connect bold brands to their audience.  For brands who want to go from#smalltomiddle, grow with #socialbrandconnector

Our Mission:
To uncover your brands story and deliver it to your target audience

Our Goal:
Establish consistent messaging for your brand

Our Vision:
To develop and grow courageous brands

Social Brand Connector Paul Bradley Smith a #socialbrandconnector believes in finding your passion, plan and purpose for your brand. Where the story of your brand stands out to your audience creating new relationships and growth.  We work with your marketing teams to inspire and help create your story and plan.

Strat·e·gy /stradəjē/ the art of planning an action or policy designed to achieve an objective

 Social Brand Connector offers growth, branding and marketing strategies that create efficiencies and gain competitive advantages for your brand.  Help us serve you by connecting and engaging with us.

Law Firm Branding What value do we bring to your brand?

#socialbrandconnector creates marketing efficiencies and brand awareness creating relationships with your target audience.  We focus on the consistency of your message throughout all your marketing materials.  

Humans buy why you do what you do, not what you are selling.

As Simon Sinek wrote,

“People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it. And what you do simply proves what you believe”

Why do we do what we do?

“We enjoy creating efficiencies and growth from the relationships we create with your audience.”

The power of of a great story by Steve Jobs.

Social Brand Connector

Our story with #socialbrandconnector begins with a detailed 360 degree growth, branding and marketing analysis. This allows us to help you to leverage your brands story and distribute your message to your target audience & influencers.  We create new content strategies, define your target audience and deliver your magical story to your audience allowing your brand to stand out from your competitors.

We are simple.  It begins with a plan, becomes a task, we analyze the results of the tasks to create a new action.   Repeat process until we see growth.

We offer three options for retaining our services.

Social Brand Connector 360 Degree Marketing Analysis“360 Degree Marketing Analysis” – Brief overview and analysis of your brand and marketing architecture


Social Brand Connector The Test Market“The Test Market” ~ Three to six month retainer test trial service contract – Monthly retainer based on hourly rate – Includes an in depth 360 Degree Analysis + Marketing & Branding Plan


Social Brand Connector The Full Monty Black Tie CMO Services“The Full Monty Black Tie CMO Services” –  Freelance CMO services.  Year contract retainer – Includes a 360 Degree Analysis + Marketing & Branding Plan + Subscriptions to private Facebook & social groups including world leaders in Strategy & Marketing (Forbes, TED, Huffington Post, Inc. & much more)

Our Philosophy:

  • Start every project with a branding & marketing plan

  • Lead from the front with strategy and data – Data is extremely important 

  • Aim to change the world with magical stories

  • Be human-centric and think growth (not just leads!) #H2H Human to Human Approach 

  • Bringing it all together by creating long term meaningful relationships

Why #socialbrandconnector?  We offer services very few other agencies can offer.  As an early adopter to social media, Paul Bradley Smith spent many years connecting and building relationships with some of the worlds savviest social media influencers,

AXS Chat

marketing strategists and data scientists.   These include the best and brightest minds in the world including many; Forbes columnists, TED speakers, HBR contributors, Inc magazine, Harvard Business Review and many internationally recognized “branding experts”.  Include chat rooms like #H2HChat #H2HClub #AXSChat

 Services Include:

Paul Bradley Smith is Certified in  Social Network Analysis & Network Mapping (SNA) via Coursera and University of Pennsylvania.

  • Freelance CMO Services – Growth, Branding & Marketing Executive

  • WordPress Expert (WP Engine Partner & Godaddy)

  • Lead Demand Generation

  • Marketing DATA management & organization

  • Inside Sales & CRM Consulting using Nimble

  • Marketing Plans

  • Domain name registration and branding

  • Storytelling

  • HTML Email Newsletters & Surveys

  • Personal Branding

  • Social Media Strategy

  • Strategic Communications

  • Online Reputation Management

  • Business sales & storytelling ©Copywriting

  • Persuasive Sales Writing Techniques

  • Domain Registry

  • WordPress Hosting

  • Business Development & Lead Generation Strategies

  • Community Building and Development

  • Strategic Partnerships

  • Google Analytics

  • Set Up Virtual Private Networks VPNs

  • Blog Strategy Consulting

  • Print Materials

We would like to learn more about your current marketing and branding needs.  Kindly fill out the following contact form.  Be as specific as possible in order to best serve you.

Paul Bradley Smith’s seeks mutually minded business agreements, relationships and partnerships that are structured with a retainer attached to a fair hourly rate.  

 Connect, share and grow with Paul Bradley Smith a #socialbrandconnector