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The Life of a Social Entrepreneur - MindSimply defined, social entrepreneurship, is finding creative solutions to social problems. The life of a social entrepreneur creates marketing efficiencies that consider the future effect of social, cultural, and environmental issues. A social entrepreneur is consistently working to evaluate ideas with the goal of aligning creative thought, wisdom and knowledge to add human value to our world.

This is not an easy task; in light of the fact the life of an entrepreneur is riddled with a maze of scarcity, sacrifice and unforeseen pain where only the select few see the path to freedom and abundance. Those who have grit to go the distance of this confusing labyrinth, where the very freedom you seek, conquers the emotional barrier that holds the key to becoming yourself.

The path of an entrepreneur is filled with a variety of emotions and important lessons in life including; patience, failure, misguidance, scarcity, depression, happiness, sadness and to a select few freedom and abundance. Ancient wisdom describes a key entrepreneurial trait in a few words.

As Aristotle wrote, “Patience is bitter, but the fruit is sweet.”

We need patience to find the fruits of freedom. “Patience,” the word that shines on those who practice using it, while the other traits dance around testing it. It is a mystery that waits for the right moment.

The puzzling life of an entrepreneur can be found in the riddle between the orchestra and harmony among these nine traits. This is a competitive challenge where the passionate can win from the grit needed to stay in the game.

The following nine traits are essential to endure the evolving labyrinth of being a social entrepreneur:

 – Patience
– Vision
– Passion
– Tenacity
– Perseverance
– Grit
– Self Confidence
– Risk Tolerance
– Being Bold

Patience without passion is like a vision without action. We need to keep focused on our vision yet taking too much risk ceased up the motivation by crushing our self-confidence. The life of a social entrepreneur is risky business that creates opportunity.

The underlying question: Are we bold enough to risk finding freedom?

 As Robert Frost wrote, “Freedom lies in being bold

It is apparent the life of a social entrepreneur is created “Opportunity Makers” as Kare Anderson has defined in her TED speech where we carry and mutual mindset focusing and serving others. As Kare Anderson writes, “this will allow us to bring our best talents forward for the greater good creating more human value.”

As the passion to create flows through our veins it is important to specifically define each of these questions.

  • What is our venture about? Do we have a clear and detailed mission & values statement?

  • Do we have a unique brand?

  • Are we willing to risk everything for this venture?

  • Have we clearly defined our goals and objectives?

  • What does our business need to reach short-term goals?

  • Are we willing to make the tremendous sacrifices needed to become a social entrepreneur?

  • How will we recognize future success? We should define what the word success means to us and be specific

The Life of a Social Entrepreneur is not for the faint, risk averse or hesitant. It is downright painful and at times allows us to see strengths and weaknesses within ourselves we never knew existed. As social entrepreneurs our vision is created from our weakness.

“Our strength grows out of our weaknesses” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson


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