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Word of mouth referrals

The value of a word of mouth referral for a doctor is the lifeline for any private medical practice and can rain growth with the proper strategy and marketing partner.  After evaluating many private practices and fertility centers around the nation there are a number of challenges we deal with.

Few important questions for the key decision makers in your center:

1. Do you have a strategy in place to grow your center revenue leveraging word of mouth and referrals?

2. Is listening and rewarding your word of mouth referrals part of your existing process, strategy or plan?  If so, how are you listening to your patients or treatments?

Private practices should be connecting, sharing and engaging with their word of mouth referrals and attempt to uncover the influencers of their brand.

 “The best advertising is done by satisfied customers.” ~ Philip Kotler

After doing a number of marketing analysis over the years.  It is clear Fertility Centers, Urologists, Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists, Orthopedics, Dentists  and other medical private practices have some challenges.  We noticed some interesting developments where key efficiencies could stimulate growth and uncover hidden returns.

Below are a number of areas of the center that if addressed could create efficiencies.

We noticed after speaking with many centers that you can increase private practice revenue by focusing your digital strategy on your existing patient base to stimulate growth and harness revenue from word of mouth referrals.  These include:

Doctors often put temporary employees or junior staff members on very important tasks specific to marketing the practice and generating practice revenue

Being creative with your existing patient base and how to properly ask for word of mouth referrals

Getting online references and reviews from happy patients/treatments who are willing to write and share a review

Offering those who give you referrals something in return for their efforts

No clear strategy or plan to harness the potential of your patient base for generating more word of mouth referral

Rely on many traditional ways of generating word of mouth referrals (vs) focusing on creative efficient ways using the proper technology and tools that can rain growth

Miscommunication between the doctor and the staff

Asking for referrals without offering your patient something in return

Bombarding your patients with sales material (vs) educational content

Create a process for following up with these leads and reward those who have referred you more business

Finding the proper consultant or marketing agency that focuses combating these challenges can significantly improve your online reputation and increase practice revenue.

The real value of a word of mouth referral is seen when there is no vacancy on the schedule for months and the doctor is doing more of their preferred procedures.

Learn how you can turn your patients into strong evangelists of your services creating more word of mouth referrals by building and sharing trust in your brand.  If done properly you will fill up your schedule with procedures and treatments that bring you and your center the most value.

“Trust is the foundation of new beginnings.” ~ pBs

Place your trust in strategies that help your private practice grow and  schedule a marketing analysis.  Please fill out the following contact form below.  Remember:

The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

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