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Ten Business Development and Sales Tips From A Social Brand Connector.  When we a create passion from uncovering opportunity by reaching rock bottom. We begin to see things from many different angles and begin to put together the pieces of the puzzle. The following ten business development and sales tips from a #socialbrandconnector illustrate how we can create new opportunities from a number of simple business development and sales strategies.

 “When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on.” – Abraham Lincoln

Before we uncover our treasures, let’s evaluate the difference between business development and sales.   People in charge of business development are typically focused on finding partnerships to drive revenue, creating efficiencies or enhancing a product or service where a sales person’s main focus is driving revenue specifically tied to a quota.

As entrepreneurs we are forced to use skills we sometimes never knew existed to create a consistent cash flow and revenue that can combine both business development and sales. In larger organizations these roles are well defined and organized by different titles and positions. As an entrepreneur you are forced to become skilled in both to thrive.

“I have always said that everyone is in sales. Maybe you don’t hold the title of salesperson, but if the business you are in requires you to deal with people, you, my friend, are in sales” – Zig Zigler 

The following ten business development and sales tips have proven to be very effective at increasing the bottom line over the long run and could be a very effective corporate strategy in seeking to streamline your sales efforts:

  1. Hire A Human With the Passion For Sales That Creates Relationships – Sales is all about relationships and great salespeople understand this. A great question when hiring a sales person. Can they define their passion, plan and purpose? Jon Ferrara the CEO of Nimble understands this well. These are his wise words. Jon Ferrara’s Nimble CRM solution helps create and build new relationships.  Social Selling, Made Easy.  Simply Smarter Social CRM.  Trial Information – CLICK HERE

  2. Develop Rapport – When we make the contact or introduction find something you have in common with the person. For example: travel, play golf, languages, soccer, hockey or even they sing in Friday’s local karaoke bar. First impressions are very important

  3. Decision Maker (vs) Influencer To create sales efficiencies make sure you are dealing with either an influencer or the main decision maker. Many times we find ourselves needing to deal with both. Influencers can be extremely important and can actually be your allies in aiding to close a deal. Too often we find ourselves so happy that someone is even willing to speak with us on the phone we overlook learning more about the influencer. This can create a unique opportunity to strengthen the relationship that may push a deal past the line from the influencer to the decision maker.

  4. People Buy Why You Do What You Do (vs) What You Actually Sell – Make sure you understand why you are doing what you do when selling a product or service. You will stand out from your competition by doing this.

  5. Leverage Social Media And Create Multiple Touch Points – Our innovative world allows us to have many creative tools to create a number of touch points – We have found you need to have at least 5-8 touch points across a number of channels to create new relationships.

  6. Engage And Listen – Ask the decision maker or influencer about their needs first. Make that your first question. Can you tell me what you are currently doing for your marketing needs? Engage and listen to their needs. They will be more willing to do business with you. David Zaslav is an example of this, he is the CEO of Discovery Communication – he was able to engage and listen to what the people wanted.

  7. Be Authentic And Follow Through On Your Word – You will stand out like Dorie Clark writes in her 5 star book “Stand Out”. When you tell someone something, follow through with your word. This is more powerful than any contract. Humans will take notice.

  8. Create New Educational Content – Becoming an expert in your field allowing you to increase your online reputation leading to more opportunities. You should check out something like this ringless voicemail drop to increase your reputation.

  9. Create Strategic Partners – The right strategic partner can create a steady flow of new business opportunities.

  10. Choose Your Clients Wisely – Too often we are motivated by money we take on a difficult client that can become more of a liability (vs) adding long-term value. Make sure your clients share the same values.

Driving revenue and increasing sales is all about building the relationships you create. These ten tips from the treasure chest of a social dot connector can help you begin to create new relationships and add value others as well as your own business.
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By giving more than we take we add value to others who are more likely to support you. As Kare Anderson writes, “a mutuality mindset makes mutual support, true cooperation and giving more helpful and satisfying.”

Knowing how to discover your brand’s audience & stand out requires a human compass 
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Connect, engage and create new relationships with  #socialbrandconnector