| Part Three Strategies using LinkedIn to increase brand awareness and revenue |


Part Three Strategies using LinkedIn to increase brand awareness and revenue.

Here are a few new LinkedIn statistics and demographics dated January 2011.  There are now more than 101 million LinkedIn members worldwide.

LinkedIn demographics broken down by age groups:

18 to 24 – 20.9%
25 to 34 – 35.8%
35 to 54 – 35.3%
+ 54 ~ 8%

Members broken down by gender:

Male – 58.9%
Female – 41.1%

Statistics worldwide by industry:

Technology 16%
Finance 13.3%
Manufacturing 9.5%
Medical 8.5%
Corporate 8.3%
Education 7.4%
Consumer goods 6.7%
Recreation 5.4%
Construction 4.4%
Government 3.7%
Arts 3.5%
Media 3.3%
Non Profit 2.8%
Service 2.7%
Transport 2.5%
Legal 2%

Reviewing the statistics from “Part (ii)” along with these new demographics and statistics as of (January 2011) as an analyst you can see that there is a tremendous opportunity to brand and increase revenue for your business.

After you have built out a complete LinkedIn profile and defined the following; your goals and objectives, created your community around your goals, actively participated in group discussions related to these objectives, began to offer non sales related value to your community via your blog, become creative with the content provided to your community you are ready to begin to begin branding and harnessing revenue opportunities.

Below are some strategies which work well in after you have completed the key elements above:

Link your blog content to LinkedIn

Post relevant content, articles, statistics, and interesting information related to your goals and objectives to your professional community

Include eye catching photos, images, and videos in your posts

Share your posts to your LinkedIn community and with other social media mediums (ie) Twitter – Note:  LinkedIn has a a link under get more applications under the more tab which allows you to add key applications helping you build credibility among your community

Send personal messages thanking your members for adding them to your network

LinkedIn allows you to create more visibility the more actively you participate in the community.  By developing a sound strategy you will begin to build your brand around your community becoming a recognized credible brand.

LinkedIn allows you to build and grow your brand awareness, credibility and offer value to your community.  Using these strategies you will have a higher probability of increasing revenue.  The goal is to have your community come to you to learn more about your product or service and converting them to become a client, patient or customer.  This is one of the greatest opportunities in history to convert business from your marketing efforts by creating a highly targeted community which shares many of the same business needs.

The facts are very clear whether your business is technology, finance, manufacturing, health care and others listed above that a sound social media strategy using LinkedIn as one of your mediums is very important to increase brand awareness and generate revenue growth.  In the state of our current economy it is very important to gain more visibility to a highly targeted community.  LinkedIn is a social media medium which provides this.

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