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What value do we bring to your brand?

“Strategy by pBs,  LLC helps share your brands story and create new relationships with your audience”  

We focus on your brands story and the strategies that create unique opportunities to reach and share with your target market.  People by why you do something, not what you are selling.

As Simon Sinek wrote,

“People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it. And what you do simply proves what you believe”

Why do we do what we do?

“We enjoy creating efficiencies for your brand by keeping a consistent message between your vision, mission statement and story that leads to new relationships and growth”

The power of of a great story.

Strategy by pBs,  LLC creates a detailed growth strategy that leverages your brands story and social influence and distributes your message to your influencers via social communities and defined target audience.  A good story all starts with a proper strategy.

Strat·e·gy /stradəjē/ the art of planning an action or policy designed to achieve an objective

As Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote, “The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn”.  Let’s plant the seeds together today, and create a forest for the future.

Our mission, “to turn acquaintances into relationships, relationships into partners and partners into ambassadors of your product or service.”

Digital strategy and growth require a plan by evaluating all angles to create efficiencies and growth.  Connect, share and grow with Paul Bradley Smith.

Creative strategies that focus on the #H2H Human to Human” pillars of your brand.  These consist of simplicity, empathy and imperfection using  #Shareology to increase social selling opportunities.

Paul Bradley SmithStrategy by pBs, LLC offers a variety of creative growth strategies and services specific to marketing efficiencies and gaining competitive advantages. This includes the following skills; developing new verticals, inside sales, business development and creating strategic partnerships that even create new words.

Our focus as a growth strategist is to create superior tailored strategy that produces marketing efficiencies creating a competitive advantage. We would like to learn more about your needs and how we may serve and add value to your organization.

We look at each project from different angles cultivating new ideas. Our goal is to create new ideas and create strategy from the marketing challenges you face opening new doors that yield marketing efficiencies. The longer term goal is to help brands find their passion, plan and purpose and uncover why they do what they do.  People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it .  Why you do what you do? 

Strategy by pBs, LLC helps brands find and share their passion, plan and purpose.  Why? Because we believe in creating relationships with humans that create exceptional brands.

Our digital age is full innovation and change evolving at a very rapid pace.  The simplicity of these words summarize the story.

“In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity.” ~ Sun Tzu

We invite you to learn more about growth strategy and how it can help develop new relationships, create opportunities, increase efficiencies and be able to measure your results.  It begins with the plan, becoming a task and ends with an achievement.

The following marketing strategy services may be retained.

Strategy by pBs, LLC Services

Paul Bradley Smith is Certified in  Social Network Analysis & Network Mapping (SNA) via Coursera and University of Pennsylvania


Marketing & Growth Executive
Marketing Plans
HTML Email Newsletters
Personal Branding 

Social Media Strategy 
Strategic Communications  
Business sales ©Copywriting
Persuasive Sales Writing Techniques
Domain Registry
WordPress Hosting 
Business Development & Lead Generation Strategies 
Inside Sales & CRM Consulting using Nimble 
Community Building and Development 
Strategic Partnerships
Google Analytics 
Blog Strategy Consulting 

Social media strategy requires a plan by evaluating all angles and colors to create efficiencies and growth.

Please be specific when filling out contact forms and include your  services requested, budget and any questions you may have.

To gain optimal efficiencies with our marketing strategy projects, the answers to these questions will help us keep focused in the right direction.

Paul Bradley Smith’s seeks mutually minded business agreements, relationships and partnerships that are structured with a retainer attached to a fair hourly rate.  

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